DIY Recipes: Homemade Skin, Body, Hair & Health Care

Homemade After Hair Removal Lotion

DIY After Hair Removal Lotion
The best thing we can do for our skin after the hair removal procedure is to calm, disinfect and protect it...

Homemade MSM Treatments for Hair

Miracle MSM Hair Treatments
MSM supplies the scalp with organic sulfur. These DIY hair treatments prevent hair loss, add shine and lock in moisture.

Ice Cube Facial - Anti Aging Skin Beautifier

DIY Ice Cube Facial
Ice is a miracle skin care treatment – hydrates, tightens and firms, brightens, smoothens, rejuvenates ...

Anti-aging natural oils

22 Natural Oils for Aging Skin
Natural oils that stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration, hydrate, nourish, fight age spots ...

Sea buckthorn benefits and uses

Sea Buckthorn Benefits
Sea buckthorn helps the body to maintain a healthy balance, that’s why it is one of the Nature’s universal cures.

Homemade banana face masks

Banana Masks for Glowing Skin
Bananas are not only good as food, but also as face skin care - the perfect fruit for homemade treatments.

Homemade whitening face masks

15 DIY Whitening Face Masks
The regular use of DIY whitening face masks will refresh, even out and brighten your skin complexion naturally.

Nourishing DIY Hair Masks

DIY Nourishing Hair Treatments
For extra care try these delicious nourishing, rich hair treatments - strawberry, milk & honey, sour cream.

DIY Skin Care: Basic Moisturizers for Young and Glowing Skin

DIY Moisturizers for Glowing Skin
The moisturizers consist of water, oils, emulsifiers and additives and can be prepared at home with all natural ...

Buriti Oil Moisturizer - Natural Sunscreen

Buriti Oil Natural Sunscreen
Buriti oil is very gentle and soothing, rich and nourishing, absorbs into the skin easily, helps to reduce ...

Homemade Kiwi Skin Care

8 Anti-Aging DIY Kiwi Face Masks
Kiwi is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, which exfoliate, nourish and brighten skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

DIY Onion Hair Masks

8 DIY Onion Hair Masks
Onion hair masks help in hair renewal, kill harmful bacteria, treat dandruff, help in hair follicles regeneration.

DIY Masks for Damaged Hair

Treatments for Damaged Hair
DIY natural hair treatments - nourishment for damaged hair. Natural solutions for damaged locks repair.

DIY Stretch Marks Treatments

DIY Stretch Marks Remedies
Minimize the appearance of stretch marks with these simple homemade stretch marks treatments.

Bentonite Clay for Hair Treatment

Bentonite Clay Hair Treatment
Bentonite clay is good for oily hair, hair loss, dandruff or just to make your hair healthier and shinier.