Buriti Oil - Natural Sunscreen for Beautiful Skin

Buriti oil is very gentle and soothing, rich and nourishing, absorbs into the skin easily, helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restores skin’s elasticity; also is used to treat burns.
Buriti oil is rich in beta-carotene – a great antioxidant that protects the skin from sun damage.
It contains all the important essential fatty acids and emollients which are responsible to maintain smooth complexion. It is high in oleic and palmitic acids.
The oil’s incredible ability to moisturize and re-hydrate is due to the vitamin E and the antioxidants it is rich in. Also contains phytoestrogens and vitamin C.

Buriti Oil Moisturizer - Natural Sunscreen

Buriti Oil Moisturizer - Natural Sunscreen
Shea Butter – 1 oz
Coconut oil – 1 oz
Baobab oil – 1 oz
Buriti oil – 1/3 oz
Aloe Vera gel - 1 tea spoon
Carrot seed essential oil - 10 drops
Rosemary essential oil - 6 drops
Lavender essential oil - 6 drops
Vitamin E – 1 ampule
Comfrey root tincture - 5 drops
Distilled water - ¼ cup
Mix the carrier oils – the first four ingredients, then add the aloe vera gel, the essential oils and the vitamin E ampule. Stir until homogeneous. Then slowly and gradually add the last two ingredients.

Cleansing Face Toner with Buriti Oil
Buriti oil - 15 drops
Grape seed oil - 5 drops
Avocado oil - 5 drops
Vitamin C – 1 ampoule
Vitamin E – 1 ampoule
A bottle of floral water
Add the oils and the vitamins to the water.